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A Guide to Hamburg's Best Adult Services
Famous Escort Services In Hamburg

Famous Escort Services In Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the biggest city in Germany. It also serves as a major port. There are numerous activities and people who visit Hamburg. Your visit could not be complete without a friendly and a stunning escort.

Generally, there are a variety of services that are offered by escorts in Hamburg. Some of the highly qualified escorts even have ropes to tease the clients. There are old as well as very young escorts in Hamburg.

The famous red-district is in Hamburg. This is where trends in the sex industry are born and spread to the rest of the world.

In 2002 Germany made a huge decision that made it lose a lot of allies at that time. This is because prostitution was legalized.

Going for an escort service in Hamburg is not illegal and you do not need to keep on checking whether policemen are after you.

Escorts offer a variety of services depending on what the client wishes. Usually, some escorts deal with college girls or younger girls in their early twenties. Other escort services deal with older women. There are also male escorts. However, male escorts are few and their services are limited as compared to the booming trade on the women escort side.

Most escorts services in Hamburg have a website. Each escort describes what she is able to offer on his or her profile and biography.

More to that they are in a position to describe their personal traits. This will help you to know the type of person that you are bound to select as your escort. More to that escorts will also describe if they take alcohol, if they smoke and if or not they have a tattoo.

One of the unique services that you will get from escorts in Hamburg includes the genital massage. This is where escorts dwell on massaging the genital organs. The escorts will softly rub on the genital organs in a creative way. They concentrate on areas that are not regularly touched. Some of the parts that are not regularly touched include the shaft for men and the area around the scrotum. Usually, they use a variety of oils for massage. genital massage is also healthy and will help them have a proper flow of blood. The parts of the body that are massaged also generally become more powerful and robust.

Definitely, the escort service will bring to you some experienced that you will never forget in your lifetime.

Here are some of the escorts sites that you are bound to find in Hamburg. It is important to note that a lot of escort services are not located in Hamburg but still offer services in Hamburg as well. Big escort services such as Krypton from Berlin also have offers in other cities and might also show a lot of girls in Hamburg.

Girl Directory

Website link:

Email for contact: info@ girl-directory .com

This is one of the most famous escort sites in Europe. This escort website works in the whole of Europe and most importantly in Hamburg.

The website classifies escorts as normal escorts and VIPs and VVIPs. The charges are different for every category. This escort directory is famous and has acquired a name for itself.

The escorts charge their services depending on the amount of time that you spend with the escort. The website also regulates the escorts to always ensure that they put their original pictures on the website.

However, each escorts charges the amount of money that she feels is okay for her. The charges per hour for top escorts are about 300US dollars.

The escorts can offer their services for one of two or more hours. However, the charges of the escorts will increase per the number of hours that you spend with the escort.

There are a variety of services that the escorts can offer you. One of the major services that the escort can offer you include the girlfriend experience.

Girlfriend experience is slightly different from other escort services. This is because that particular escort offers you a friendlier experience. You do not have to jump into the act directly but talk and share. You can also take your girlfriend for various activities e.g picnics and maybe for you to have a drink or two.

On this website, you can also be in a position to watch live cams. However, you will have to pay for them in order to access them.

There are specific times of the year when parties always occur. The escorts will come at your home or party and offer the sex services that will entice you.

You can also take a variety of escorts and they can come and bring the much-needed party mood in your bachelors’ party. Escorts in Hamburg also do you live sex parties. You can also request them to come to your friend’s party and you can try a gang bang. In a party, you can also select the type of clothes that you want them to put on.

Loneliness can make you depressed. You might never have a true friend. Hamburg escort will make you feel more at home when you are in this German port. This would particularly be suitable when you are new in this big town. The girls can adopt multiple characters and will wear the character that you love. You can book the escort for short or longer periods of time.

More to that there are escorts who understand multiple languages and you might find one that talks in your native language.

There are also very educated escorts who will even give you an idea of how to handle situations. Some of the escorts are very bright and you are surely not only going to come out with a fantastic sex but also a better idea of issues in the society. They also share rich cultural backgrounds that you would obviously interested to learn.

She will take you the places you need to go during the day. Night time she is going to give you the most fantastic sex and work you up until you are in the mood. Most of these escorts want to make a client happy hence they will always smile and make your day elegant.

Actrice Escorts


This is one of the major escorts in Hamburg Germany. There are a variety of escorts services that are offered on this website. More to that, this website is very easy to manoeuvre.

One of the things that you need to know about this website is that it is a directory. By this, I mean that it does not carry liability when the escorts harm you. However, her contract with the site can be terminated.

The first thing that you see when you open the website is the escorts. The escort girls are young. This site is said to be dealing with young college students.

One unique thing about this website is that it offers a large space for biography. The website will help you as the client to understand the escort in a more detailed manner.

Some of the questions that this website helps you to understand are if this particular escort smokes. The escort will also fill in if she has a tattoo. If you do not like tattoos you are free to dismiss the escort.

The escorts are given a brief history of themselves and what they love. More to that, the escorts will tell you what type of services they offer. Some will be lesbian, some will be transgender and others only on men.

Most of the escorts will charge around 200euros. If you are inviting them to a foreign country, You have to pay for them an air travel ticket which varies with the location they are bound to find you.

Millenium Escort

Phone: 49178 920 3367

Email:[email protected]

Website link:

This is one of the most famous escort sites in Hamburg and the whole of Germany. They provide you with an escort even within a short period of time. The escorts in this website are around the age of between 21 and 40 years.

From this website, you can also order for live cams. Live cams resemble skype video calling services. This is where you develop a connection with the escort and talk. Talking will make you develop an emotional connection and be in the right mood. The client can request for nude photos. He can also ask the escort to undress according to his sexual pressure needs.

So basically the client spends money on watching the girl undress and get sexual. There are a wide variety of things that you can ask your escort to do when in a live cam. From chatting, mourning in sexual pressure watching live shows.

If the heat builds you can also contact the girl for a live meetup.

This website has a variety of escorts on its platform. To get an escort from this platform is very easy. This is because you will only have to select the profile escort that pleases you.

You can also contact the site through the phone number that I have displayed above. This website also tells you the escorts who are near you if you do not have enough money to import the escort. You can give details of the escort or group of escorts that you need to attend your event. Some of the things that you can tell the website contact person are the age of the girls that you need for your services.

Basically, on this website, you hire the escorts you need by the number of hours that you need them. There is basically the escort time is divided into two on the site.

There are those escorts who are bound to stay for a period of four hours. There are also those escorts who say that they can be in a position to stay more than six hours. Time available is a critical aspect of checking out the escort that you need.

Carina Escort

Website link:

Telephone: 0170 600 66 60.

This is one of the most famous escort websites in Hamburg. The website has built a name since it was formed.

The escorts on this website are one of the best this is because Normal sex is boring. Escorts in Hamburg have improved their game and added spice to the sex industry. The girls are highly experienced and will virtually be in a position to stay in all the styles that you need them to. You can try anything or any sexual fantasy as long as you pay for it.

Generally, the escorts in this site come from different countries. They also vary in heights and will basically enable you to fulfill any fantasy you would have ever thought of.

In this case, escorts will be in a position to offer sex when standing. There are also swinger belts in some of the rooms that you try out your sex in. They also have ropes that you can gently tie the escorts and perform sex in that position. She can also tie you and control you if you like the cowgirl position.

However for you to get the wild sex you have to cough out more money since this is not normal sex. This type of sex is mainly practiced by young girls since they more flexible and ambitious. You should also go to a high-class brothel in the red districts because there are all the facilities for wild sex.

Wild sex also involves the escort wearing what you love to make a client’s sexual fantasy come true. This involves the escort wearing like a college GIRL, wearing a g-string. Having sex when clothes wearing tight stocking and maybe trying sex in the pool and many more sex styles.

The escorts in this website will also offer you a city guide who will show you the streets in Hamburg. You have to pay more to access such an escort. She will guide you and later offer a lively sex.

This website also displays the amount of money that you need to pay to get an escort. Generally, the escort will offer expensive prices for sex that occurs for short periods of time. However, when the escort stays for longer periods of time, You as the client you are offered a discounted rate

When an escort stays with you for a period of 48 hours you are bound to pay her 2700 Euros. However, on the other hand, when the escorts stay with you for a period of one week you are bound to pay 5000B Euros. discounted rates when you stay longer with the escort. Carina Escorts has all its details about the fee payable on its website.

The other thing you need to know about the escort services that are offered by this website is that when an escort travels you pay more fees. For less than 50 kilometers you pay nothing. For a distance more than 50km to 100km, you are bound to pay an additional 100 Euros.

There are also regulations on how you should book on the escort. A good example is that you never book an escort for a period less than two hours. The escorts also have a private residence where you can book for their services if you have a less amount of money.