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A Guide to Hamburg's Best Adult Services
The Naughtiest Night Clubs in Hamburg

The Naughtiest Night Clubs in Hamburg

Germany is one of the countries that has accepted prostitution since more than 100 Years ago. In 1927 prostitution was decriminalized. Back in the year, 2002 prostitution was made legal. Anyone could participate in sex without facing the law.

The new rules in 2017 are making the sex and escort industry better. This is because prostitutes will have to be taking regular tests to certify they are safe for engaging in sex. Prostitutes who are found with STIS will be banned from a partici[pating in stripping activities

The German government is making the sex and escort industry in Hamburg better and making it safe.

Hamburg is one of the best places in the world that you can get a stripper off her clothes with a very small amount of money. The strippers also stunningly beautiful and are always willing to offer you the best. Hamburg also has a wide variety of strippers since it is located around the centre of Europe. There is a huge inflow of foreigners. The strippers are also very professional since Hamburg sets the trend in the sex industry.

Germany is mainly known to contain serious people and hence many might fear that the prices of stripping services might be very high. However, that is not the case this is because a majority of the strippers in Hamburg come from eastern Europe.

For a few dollars, you can be in a position to get a lap dance. Hamburg is one of the cities that lead the trends in the stripping industry.

Majority of the strip clubs in Hamburg can be accessed through Google map or wiki map. 60 percent of the strippers in Hamburg come from Bulgaria or Ukraine. However, there are also other strippers from all over the world depending on what one wishes for.

There is a variety of stripping activities that you are bound to access in Hamburg. some of the activities that you are bound to access in Hamburg include lap dance, striptease, grinding on your crotch and many more.

You are also in a position to watch live strip shows.

Basically, here are the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg.

Pink House.

Open: Mon to Sun 24hrs. 365 days in a year

Telephone: +49 40 316773

website link:

Address:140, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

This is one of the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg. From this club, you can get a girl topless for only 30 Euros.

This is the only club in Reeperbahn that operates on a 24/7. By this, I mean that whatever time you get to the club you are bound to find it open.

Some of the features of this club that you will not find anywhere else include.

-The entry for the club is absolutely free.

-There are over four floors where you are bound to meet different strippers on the floors.

The security of this club is very high. This is because there is an increase in insecurity in Hamburg and hence this club makes it safe.

There are over 60 strippers in this building. The strippers are from different colours and ethnicity so you can watch different girls strip.

The pink club is also referred to as the pink palace. All the rooms are in the colour pink.

some of the activities that the strippers can do in this strip club are lap dance a and a tease. You can also get a blow job for an additional amount of dollars. You can also try things like flashing the boobs by holding dollars on your mouth to let the stripper wipe you with her boobs.

There are basically two types of stripping that you can access in this club. There is where the strippers dance for all who are in the room. You can also decide to get your own stripper in a private room. You will basically pay more if you take more time with the stripper. This is simply because you pay for the song played and the amount of time that you spend with the stripper.

More to that, you can book your favourite stripper. For an added fee such that she is the only one who will be offering you her stripping services.

Atmos Club Wellness And Sauna Club.

Open:Mon to Sun from 1:00 PM TO 4:00 AM

Telephone: +49 40 3038650

addres: : Großmoorring 1, 21079 Hamburg, Germany


This is one of the famous strip clubs in Hamburg. The club takes over 3000meters square. This club has been in existence for quite a long period of time.

The unique thing about this club is that prices for beer are displayed on its website.By this, I mean that you are able to plan for your budget far much ahead.

There are a variety of strippers in this club from young petite girls to mature and older women. You are bound to have a taste of both generations.

Majority of the girls in his club come from neighbouring eastern Europe. They are from countries like Bulgaria and Ukraine.

There is a variety of stripping activities allowed by the management. You can have a one-way or a two-way. A one-way massage activity is where the strippers caress you and you are only allowed to touch her very limitedly. The two-way massage is when both of you touch each other unlimitedly. The two-way massage can get erotic and lead to intimacy. In the two way massage, you are allowed to touch the breasts, the vagina and even give a french kiss.

Their type of dances offered in this club is numerous. One of the famous dances offered includes strip dance. This is where an escort removes clothes when she is dancing. There is also the lap dance. This is where a stripper dances when she is sitting on your lap, There is also the pole dance. On each table on the club is a pole. On this pole, the strippers dance half naked. The stripper can appear one in a table. The strippers can also appear two or three in a table.

The Atmos club also offers restaurant facilities in case you are hungry. You need to be full in order to receive a striptease properly.

There are also numerous parties that are offered in this famous strip club in Hamburg. The most famous of all is the bikers party that is offered ever 24 to 25 June every year. There are a variety of more activities all the year round that you are bound to get the services of a stripper.

If you become a regular customer you are offered discounts and hence able to get strippers less easily. One good example is the championship event where beer is offered freely.

club Esplanade

Open: on to Sun :1:00pm to 4:00am

Address: Esplanade 17, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Telephone: +49 178 6971668


This is one of the best strip clubs in Hamburg. There are always new strippers coming into the club. This is because their website always allows for new applicants on the website.

On this club website, you can be in a position to download the menu of the drinks. The club is also easily accessible since it is in an open place.

This strip club is able to offer services of strippers from all over the world. Some of the services that this club offers include nude lap dance. The strippers will also offer a dance on your crotch. More to that the strippers can get intimate and offer you sex however sex from a stripper is a bit expensive as compared to sex from brothel girls.

The strippers can also offer you a blow job at a small number of Euros. The club also imports well-known strippers from other parts of the world.


Red Balloon.

Address: Gerhardstrasse 6Kiez Hamburg Germany

Open: on to Sun :1:00pm to 4:00am

Telephone: 43 40 2803790

This is one of the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg. You are bound to get a girl topless just with a few Euros. The strippers here offer cheap services.

This club is unique since there are jets on the walls that release lather. It sprays on the strippers as they do their stripteases.This club also regularly invites professional strippers from all over the world as far as from the USA.

The stripping activities in this club have also gone to another level since there are also live action stripping sections

Basically, the strippers get into a transparent cabin with a male stripper. The girl and the gentleman get hot shower both of them. So they dance as they wash on the transparent cabin. Your only responsibility is to sit down with your wine and watch as they dance in the transparent cabin.

The management in this club also allows anyone who wants to take the stripper home. However, they argue that the strippers are self-employed and they only provide security for them. The details of the payment it is between you and the specific striper that you want.

Since there has been increasing insecurity all over the world, this club has increased the level of security. There is multiple security personnel at all the entrances to the club.

The beer in this club is offered at a cost of five dollars. The lap dances in this club can be offered in two ways. The stripper can offer the lap dance when she has clothes on. The stripper can also offer lapdances when she is completely naked.

In this club, you only need 30 Euros to make a girl topless. Basically, it has an ethnicity of white people.

Relax Nightclub.

Adress: Adenauerallee 30, 20097 Hamburg, Germany

Opens: Mon to Sun From 6:00 pm to 5:00 am.

Telephone: +49 40 2803790

Website link:

Relax nightclub is one of the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg. The main feature of this club is that you can call them to come and pick you up with a limo.

The strippers in this club are between the age of 21 yrs to 40 yrs. There are a lot of stripping activities that happen here. Strippers dance with the rhythm of the song. When the climax of the activities is around 3: oo AM.

This is a gentleman’s club and hence there is no extra aggressive dances and parties.There are very many international girls that come to the German country to offer their stripping services.

There is the private stripping. This is where you can tell a stripper to wear a type of cloth that you would want her to strip with you.

You can also pay the girl to BJ you with a topless shirt. When extra euros are added you are allowed to touch her boobs and nipples.

This club also has a sauna where you can enjoy the sauna as the girls’ strip for you. Them, management allows you to take your favorite stripper home.

The girls become completely nude according to the amount of money that is put at their disposal. The more money you through at her the more you are able to access more.

More to that this club allows you to request a drink from a waiter with a bikini or a lingerie.

Basically, if you go with a stripper to your private room, she will charge you according to the amount of time that you have spent with her. Usually, the charges here are for 30 min for one hour or two hours. It is also determined by the number of songs that are played on the music.

Another unique service about this club is that you are allowed to take a stripper back home in a Limousine. The management has also said that it will be selecting girls who can strip in a limo.

The club has big rooms where bachelor parties can take place. You are also allowed to choose the stripper that you would want them to dance for you.

The club also has erotic cinemas where they put erotic videos to get people in the mood.

This club has a membership and when you become a regular customer you are able to access drinks at a discounted price.