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The Most Famous Strip Clubs In Hamburg

The Most Famous Strip Clubs In Hamburg

Do you want a striptease or a lap dance? Hamburg is the best place to be. The first big thing about this city is that it is the base of the famous red district.

More to that the in Germany prostitution is allowed. In Germany prostitution was allowed back in the year 2002.

This city is the pacesetter in the strip club activities in the world. What adds more pomp and color to the strip clubs in this town is the fact that they are all located in the same place.

Basically stripping activities are mainly divided into two. There is the private stripping where one books his or her own stripper and takes her to her room.

The other type of stripping is where the stripper strips in a place that she can be seen by everyone. There are a variety of dances that happen. There is the famous striptease. There is also the pole dance.

Basically, the charges are very cheap to get a girl dancing without any clothes. Normally, for the stripping services, you will only need 50Euros. Most of the strip clubs are found in Reeperbahn.

There are a variety of strip clubs. However, each of them has its own rules and regulation in the stripping industry.

The strippers will also offer you more. Most of the strip clubs in this city will also have the porn cinemas to set the mood right for all. Some of the other services offered by strip clubs in Hamburg include blow jobs. Grinding on the crotch. Touching of the vagina and many more activities. Basically, here are some of the Famous strip clubs that you are bound to find in Hamburg.

Dollhouse Strip Club Hamburg.

Open: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 PM TO 4:00 AM

Telephone: +49 40 31796988

This is one of the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg. It is located along the famous red district. One notable thing about this strip club is that it is highly reviewed in very many ranking websites.

In Dollhouse strip clubs there are tables where the strippers display what they are able to offer. The tables are round shaped others are in rectangular in shape. in most of the tables, there is a pole where the strippers hold when they are dancing. Basically, the strippers can be two or more in a table!

Dollhouse is also widely known for offering cocktail parties and orgies. Averagely the number of strippers per time in the club can get to about fifty of them. Majority of the strippers in this club are young girls. However, they can give you a variety of services.

Some of the services that they will offer you include giving you a tease. They will also go to the extent of offering you a blow job. Basically, they also remove their top clothes and are left bare so that you can see their nipples at a fee. You can also be offered a waitress with a lingerie for a specific fee.

You can also book a favorite stripper and get an overall discounted rates. More to that this strip club has been divided into several rooms and cabins depending on the services that you want to be done to you. The rooms are also divided into the standard and VIP services. VIP services are generally very expensive therefore they are treated very specially.

As the climax comes, this club hires professional strippers who come from far and wide throughout the world. There are a lot of European visitors since Hamburg is located in the middle of Europe.

This club is a high class one and you have to dig out more money to service the bills. Currently, the entry fee is 12 Euros. The strippers also offer dances on top of motorbikes. This club is more than two decades old and hence it has built a name.

A LA Charm Strip Club.

Open: Monday to SUN from 8:00 pm to 4:00 AM

Address: 7, 22767 Hamburg Germany.

Telephone: +49 176 31187322


This is one of the famous strip clubs in Hamburg. This is because it offers the stripping activities in a different way. Some of the unique activities that you are bound to find include showers for the strip clubs. The showers mainly happen in the afternoons. The background of the strip club is made by LEDs. This possibly means that you can basically change the lighting depending on what you see is best for you or the mood in question.

The club also offers nudist cinemas on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is one of the few websites that you can book a space online. Most of the dances are done on the table. You can even get a deep French kiss from the strippers on the table.

One of the unique services that these strippers offer in Hamburg includes the Limo strip. This is where you contact the club and tell them that you have a business visit. Usually, strippers for limousine shows are carefully chosen and the car is even selected for you.

This club is located on the famous Reeperbahn. There are always new strippers since the club always allows intakes for new strippers all the year round. The club also has a business room where you can be served with private stripping services. More to that their website will tell you all the prices for various activities you are bound to get on the club.

Fkk-Club Babylon

Open: Monday to Sunday from 12PM-6: 00 AM

Address: Superstar 236-23820537 HAMBURG Germany.

Telephone: 040 21985644

website link:

This is one of the most famous strip club s in Hamburg. The biggest thing one can note is the sauna and Finnish sauna. This club is located on the suder street and hence can be easily accessed. This club also offers a restaurant and a clubhouse. More to that FKK-CLUB Babylon is known for holding parties and orgies. It is one of the few clubs that will give you a private space to hold your own party.

The strippers can appear in two ways. They can appear as private rooms. Where you can book for a service of a stripper. On the other hand, they can appear in public rooms where they offer the show to all who want it. However, the regulation in this club is that you have to buy a drink in order to access the shows. There is also an entry fee.

Basically, the strippers will charge you for a striptease or a lap dance. The strip club is charged per the amount of time you spend with the stripper and per the song. On the clubs website, the advise that you need to ensure that you agree before with the girls. They are only liable for your security but it is on your own if you are charged more because you should have bargained.

Funny Night CLub.

Opens: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 PM TO 5:00 AM

Closed on Sunday.

Telephone +49 40 54801984

This is one of the most famous strip clubs in Hamburg. It is one of the oldest strip clubs in Hamburg. It was created around 30 yrs ago. There are a variety of women all over the world who come to this strip club. It is basically a place that you can taste a variety. At night the club goes completely nude for a few dollars. There are many women strippers but a few of the male strippers.

The club plays international hits but mainly specializes in Music common to most people around Hamburg. You are likely to get the rich cultural diversity from the music played. In the funny nightclub, there are a variety of entry points to get into the club.

The first thing you see when you get into the club is a big logo containing two girls. The girls are in white. The services offered by strippers in this club include lap dance and striptease they can also offer a blow job with a bareback according to the money that you folk out. More to that, this strip club v does not discriminate on foreigners since it is well known.

Geiz Club.

Open: Monday to Sunday from 9.00PM TO 4:00 AM.

Website link:

Address: Reeperbahn 59, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 23936163

This is one of the best strip clubs in Hamburg. It has a well-developed strip club and a variety of rooms in the building. There are strippers from all over the world. There are always new girls in the club. This is because on their website they have an opening where they allow more strippers into the club any time since they have a slot where you can fill in the details.

There are a variety of strippers in this club. There are a variety of them from white strippers in Europe to Ebony and blonde girls. More to that most of the strippers are models. If you do not have enough money you can put some money in your mouth for her to come blushing her boobs over your face.

If you have a very little amount of money you can wait later in the night where there is a dance for two. One unique thing about this club is that they have put a price on each model on their website.

If you are a well-known customer, you can get a VIP card for their services. It is one of the strip clubs that are found in Reeperbahn.

Sauna Club Harmony.

Open: Monday to Sunday from11: OOPM,-2: OOAM.

website link:

Adress: Ramelsloher Allee 120, 21220 Seevetal, Germany

Email: [email protected]

This is another famous club in Hamburg. The most conspicuous thing about this is the pool. You can party outside the club watching the pool. The stripper in this club will offer two types of activities. You can get the services of a stripper inside the club or arrange outside.

The girls in this club are self-employed so it what matters is how yo arrange with the strippers. The security in this club is tight from the entrance. They allow you to hold parties for bachelors and enjoy full stripping activities.

Depending on how often you visit the club, you are arranged for a suitable program meeting your needs. You can also book for a favorite stripper who will be servicing you regularly.

One thing to note about this club is that every Friday is a nudist day.

Romeo Club.

Open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 PM to 4: OOAM.

However, it is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Adress: Brookkehre 3-21029 Hamburg Bergedorf

phone: +49 40 73937979

Romeo strip club has not been left behind. There are a variety of strippers activities that happen in here. In this strip club, you can bargain for a two-way experience. This is different from other strippers club. This is because the strippers and clients can massage each other. You are only required to pay some Extra Euros and can touch the stripper whenever you want and feel like.

This can even get to intimate levels. You are allowed to touch the strippers on their boobs, Dip fingers in their vaginas until your satisfaction. There are swinger ropes where you can try a variety of ways to touch the stripper. Generally, you are allowed to touch the boobs and anywhere else you feel like. However, it has to be done way in a manner that it does not break the management rules.

Recently the club has been refurbished and hence it can accommodate more people. The club has mainly been renovated to enhance or make the stripping activities more fun.

Currently, there are jets on the walls that excrete lather where the strippers dance as they play with it. The current lighting system in the club is L.E.D.The colors will change with the changing music.

The music played for the striptease changes from House music to Tecno. There is also powerful rock music. Basically, the strippers will dance with the rhythm of the music. The strippers are stunning and if you are not careful you might get juiced. You should avoid carrying too much paper money. This is because they accept Mastercard, American Express and Visa.