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A Guide to Hamburg's Best Adult Services
Most Famous Brothels In Hamburg.

Most Famous Brothels In Hamburg.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. It contains a population of about 1.8 million people. Germany is popular with brothel services. This is one of the oldest places where swinging started. In Germany especially in Hamburg, you are likely to get the best swinging services in the world. The famous red-district is found in Hamburg.

More to that Germany generally enjoys a high level of political stability. There is a lot of security and basically, it is hard for one to easily get gagged. More to that, Hamburg city enjoys a twenty-four-hour economy. All round the clock there are always people moving on the streets. Hamburg also enjoys a relatively high level of tourist visitors from Europe, USA, Switzerland, New Zealand and many more places.

Since the city is a centre of very many activities, you can basically be in a position to meet very many people. People also differ in ages nationality complexion, height and cultural background. Hamburg is Place that you would basically like to be associated with.

Depending on your cultural diversity and taste, you are likely to meet your perfect companion. More to that you will be in a position to meet different people and hence enjoy diversity. By this, I mean that in this city you are bound to find Asians, whites and black hookers. More to that majority of the hookers in this city are discrete and clean.

One notable thing about prostitution In Germany is that it is legal. It was legalized back in the year 2002. Sex trade makes more than 18 billion Euros. Engaging in prostitution cannot land anyone in jail.

Recently there are some people who complained of being swindled off their money by fake hookers. This will obviously make you angry and have a bad memory about this famous German city. It is always nice for a client to make sure that he or she pays for the services after he or she receives them. It is also a good practice for a client to ensure that he or she visits a reputable brothel.

Hookers and escorts that you meet on the road are likely to swindle you of your money. There are verified escort directories that you are bound to meet reputable escorts. More to that there are brothels with good looking girls where you are bound to meet honest escorts. This escorts from Hamburg will give you quality service since they have a name to protect. 

Paradise Point Of Sex.

It is one of the oldest places to find sex in Hamburg. It operates 24/7 365 days in a year. There are escorts in all the ages. In this swingers club, there is tight security that will always bee keen on suspicious activity. There are a variety of services offered in this brothel.

They offer body to body massage. There is also genital massage that involves massage of the genital organs. The hookers can also give different experiences. There is even the schoolgirl experience. This is where the hooker wears a school uniform and you are able to get services from her in that state.

More to that, Paradise Point Of Sex has a club. Basically, a client can take a few bottles of wine before going to a hooker. On the inside of the most famous brothel in Germany is different categories 0f rooms. A client can choose the favourite bed according to his or her pockets.

There are events that happen at varying dates in the year. This club engages in monthly and yearly parties. Some of the orgies you are bound to find include the bikers party cocktail parties and public holiday parties.

Pink Palace Den.

This famous brothel is located on Hamburg Reeperbahn region. This is one of the biggest brothels in the world. It has a developed security personnel unlike in other brothels. Basically, this brothel works all round the clock. Any time you walk in you are bound to meet the brothel open.

There are varying characters of girls. The girls come from all over the world. You are bound to meet white Asian blondes or even black girls. The girls are of varying ages depending on the wish of the client. However teenage girls below the age of 18 yrs are not allowed in the building.This is because sex is illegal for girls who are below the age of 18 years.

Basically, there are a variety of services that you can get from the prostitutes. One of the services that you can get from the prostitute is escort services. This is where you go with the girl you have to any place that you want in the city of Germany. However, escort services are slightly expensive since she would have been attending to another client.

The most notable thing about Pink Palace Den is that beer is not so expensive. This is not a very high-class brothel and hence anyone can afford being here.

There are more than 100 girls that operate on this brothel. There are also complete rooms with bathtubs, TVs and DVDs depending on your pocket. This famous sex den in Hamburg contains a phone number on their website where one call directly and bargain for services.

The girls also offer a variety of services. Some of the services that are offered include massage. Some of the types of massages that are offered on this brothel include the soapy massage, body to body massage, genital organs massage not forgetting the famous deep tissue Swedish massage in case you have been travelling all day long. Practically, the girls can offer a variety of sex styles depending on the wish of the client. Some of the sex style offered on this website include the doggy style, the missionary style, anal sex, oral sex, bjs and whatever the client can feel satisfied with.

However, you should always be keen and ensure that that you get hookers who have a reputable name. You should also avoid paying before you actually receive the service. This is because very many people have been swindled off their cash from bad hookers. However, hookers who are generally found in a famous brothel like pink palace den are less likely to swindle your cash since there are administrators who are ready to protect both sides.

Funny Nightclub, Puff and Brothel.

This boasts to be one of the clean brothels in Hamburg. It contains a bar inside. It is all on in one brothel that is found in the famous red district. The red district is the number one place in the world where prostitution takes place. It is a gateway to Germany since it is based on the famous German port.

There are various festive activities that take place on the Funny nightclub. There are live DJs and multiple bikers parties. There are also end month orgies that happen.

The funny nightclub is one of the largest clubs in Germany. Girls offer their services at a cost of 40 Euros although it still determined by what else you want to be offered.

This brothel also works as a nightclub and has a variety of drinks that one can select from.

This club, however, does not work throughout the week. It is open from Monday to Saturday but closed n Sunday. It is also famously known as the VIP. However, it offers all services from high-class escorts and hookers to standard hookers depending on what you are able to bargain for. On the weekdays the club operates from 7.00pm to 3.00am in the morning. If you go on other times you are bound to find it closed.

Some of the services offered by the escorts include body to body massage, full body massage and bjs. You can also pay for a full girl to girl show or l lesbian show. Some of the hookers will also charge you for taking a picture with them. The girls from this club are from all over the world. You will be in a position to find an Indian or a Filipina lady. There are certain times that the hookers do stripping shows on the famous German city.

FKK125 club.

This is one of the most famous clubs in Hamburg Germany. It offers stripping services. Other unique services you are bound to get in the FKK125 club include the famous lap dance. The hookers on this club also offer different services for different clients. Some of the unique services offered include the girlfriend experience. This is where the hooker will not go directly to the act but offer you company. She can also act as a tour guide and show you several places in the famous Red district where you can both interact at a closer level. Due to the increased level of pick pocketers in the city, FKK125 club has increased the amount of security in the clubs premises.

Generally, in this club, they accept payments in cash form or from the credit cards. Recently, there is unconfirmed information that says that they will soon be accepting bitcoins for payment.

This club is identifiable by Google map. It lies on the famous Chaussee road and hence can easily be accessed even from a taxi. The clubhouse architecture was famous in the 1980s.

The difference between this club and others is that it is organized into rooms. FKK club will augur well with a person who loves privacy. Usually, in a room, there are usually about 10 people. It would not be favorite for people who love seeing many people partying.

Majority of the hookers in this club are German. There are also some few hookers from other places.


This is one of the biggest brothels in Hamburg it is named after the word love. It is a club, pub and restaurant at the same place. There are also live DJs who come along especially on public holidays and specific days of the week. The kind of music played in this club is traditional German music, techno, house a rock and country.

This club opens at 11 am and goes till late into the night. There is a wide range of hookers that can be found on this club. Most of the hookers will provide an average standard service. It is not actually a place for people who are high class or VIP. Most of the hookers who are found on this club are also found in a majority of the escort directories in Germany. This club can be seen b renowned website services like Google maps. They will also tell you in real time when the brothel is open and closed. As per now, this brother does not have a stable website so you will not get numbers to call on the web. You will only get to them when you are near them

Geizhaus Hamburg.

This is a famous brothel in Germany. It is found on the Angerburger street 20. It is found on the famous Google map. It has a relatively robust website where you can see the hookers and select. Reputation about various hookers can be observed since customers leave reviews about the hookers. A client should always be careful when dealing with a hooker. This is because a majority of the hookers are going to swindle you their money. The administration always advises clients to always ensure that they negotiate with the hooker before they get into the rooms.

The lodgings in this clubhouse are divided into several categories. There is even the presidential suite category. The prices differ with the different categories that you can find. This brothel is for the high class and the standard class. Different hookers differ in age. However, a majority of the hookers are young. Some of the hookers also work as escorts. The brothel is divided into multiple cabins.

Geizhaus Hamburg also offers a unique acting in Hamburg. This is where you select a girl to perform an act. from a series of mirrors, you are able to see what your girl is doing but she cannot see you. You can also be in a position to see other hookers in the rooms. They famously call it the entsafter. These are some of the famous brothels in HAMBURG